Local Groups Help With Recycling Effort

Local groups help with recycling effort

By Cari Gilkison

April 1990

       Long after April 22 fades from calendar, the impact of Earth Day will still be felt.

This can be seen in the growing emphasis on recyclable items.  There are several organizations in Shelby who collect recyclable items.

  • The Shelby Fire Department collects aluminum cans.  “All money goes to the Burn Center in Akron to help children,” noted firefighter Robert Hick.  Contact the Fire Department at 342-3166 for more information.


  • The Ideal Farm Kids 4-H Club collects all types of recyclables.  These youth can be seen collecting cans from roadsides and at the fairgrounds.

The activity not only helps the environment but can also add a little jingle to a wallet as leader, Sandy Stoodt explained.  This past year the 4-H club ventured to Niagara Falls with its can money.  Stoodt can be contacted at 347-6615 in the evenings.


  • The Kountry Kritters 4-H Club also collects items for club activities and expenses.

Their leaders Robert and Pamela Tucker can be reached at 524-7628.


  • St. Mary’s Parent Teacher Organization keeps a recycling dumpster at the back of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. “We collect glass, newspapers, plastic and aluminum cans,” stated Ann Downs, head of the PTO.  Downs can be contacted at 347-1912.

In other conservative efforts, the Shelby School district has not gone to the back of the class either when it comes to saving resources.

“We should get the word out to people about the importance of recycling,” stated Herb Jergins, director of school buildings, grounds and transportation.  “Everybody should go to Milliron Industries to see all the trash.”

“I got the head custodians and principals to go out there and they were as surprised so much that some teachers went and brought their classes.”

Other environmental action take by the schools had included recycling paper, cardboard and tin products.  Some old windows have also been replaced to save heat.

Not only is the district working to save natural resources but it is reserving financial ones as well.  Jergins noted that since the schools have gone into recycling, it has cut trash expenditures in half.

Shelby Memorial Hospital is trying to allow Mother Earth good prognosis be conserving energy.  Several years ago the hospital installed a computer to monitor heating and cooling systems.

Some facets of conservation are not as visible to the average citizen. For example, water at the pool at Seltzer Park is thoroughly filtered and then reused in the pool.

The Marvin Memorial Library also has done its share of environmental work.

“The library takes old newspapers to be recycled at the high school and at the end of the year we give back issues of magazines to those who request them,” noted Ann Wood, director of the library.

Wood added that she feels that it is very important for the library to be involved in recycling.  These efforts have paid off. Wood noted that there has been a definite decrease in the amount of trash produced.

For individual households interested in participating in conservation Mansfield-Richland County Litter Prevention and Recycling has offered the following tips.

  • · Try to use cloth towels instead of paper towels.
  • · Use products that are made to be used many times such rags and rechargeable batteries.
  • · Use the blank sides of paper to take notes and do scratch work.
  • · Help establish and promote recycling programs.
  • · Encourage local companies to recycle products.

“Recycling is very important, especially in Richland County,” noted Denise Osborn of Mansfield-Richland County Litter Prevention and Recycling.  She went on to explain that recycling helps us enjoy our natural resources more.

A recycle-mobile, which accepts newspapers, glass, and beverage cans and plastic, also makes stops in area cities.

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