The Lykins Family History

The Lykins Family History

Posted by Bobby G. Lykins Jr.

Retrieved June 27, 2003

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There were two known and proven brothers who were both born in Varmland, Sweden.  They arrived in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area between 1650 and 1655.  According to Dr. Peter Craig, Historian and Author of The Census of the Swedes on the Delaware, the first records of the brothers was in 1671.  This is when we are assuming that our family first started making this country their home.  This record showed Peter Lycon working for Armegot Printz on his plantation in the New Sweden Colony.  Also in 1671, Michael Lycon secured a land patent at Shackamxon. Peter later shared the plantation with his brother Michael.

Although the parents of these two brothers are not positively known, it is strongly believed that Nils Andersson was their father.  Their mother is not known.  She may have died on the journey to this country.

Nils Andersson was a miller, who arrived in New Sweden on The Eagle in 1654.  He resided in Fort Christina, when he made purchase from the company store.  These purchases were began on June 17, 1654 and the last one was made on August 8, 1655—shortly before the colony was conquered by the Dutch.

Later, Peter Nilsson (Lycon) obtained land in Philadelphia County (at present Frankford) for the purpose of building a mill.  He built the mill, but it was soon taken over by the Quakers.  It was known for years as the Swedes Mill though.  If Peter Nilsson Lycon knew the milling trade, he most likely learned it from his father.

The family name itself comes from a small village called Lyckan, in Gunnarskog Parish, Varmland, Sweden.  The meaning of the name is “A Clearing in the Woods” or “A Glen.” Some of the most common spellings are as follows: Lykins, Lykens, Likins, Lycan, Lykings, and Laicans.

Anders Laicans married Anna Jonson and they had two children: Christina Ly and Peter.  Peter Laicons married Bridgett in 1734.  Then had ten children!  Eleanor, Jacob, Hanse, Andrew, Charles, Henry, William and three unknowns.  Their son William Lykins was born in 1766 in Berks County Pennsylvania.  William married Margaret Ritter and they had fourteen children, one of which was Peter Lykins.  Peter married Winnie Williams….

I was able to trace my Grandfather Dwight Lee Lykins’s ancestry to these two brothers (Anders and Hanse Laicans) from a listing I had for a Peter Lykins born in 1800.  He married Winnie Williams.  They had Peter Monroe Lykins who married Emma Jane Reed.  They had a son named Robert Lee Lykins, who was born March 9, 1906 and died December 18, 1968.  Robert married Bernice Gertrude Britton and they had a son named Dwight Lee Lykins on June 2, 1932. Dwight Lee Lykins married Betty Morjanna Hoak and they had two children together: Janalee Lykins and Steven Ray Lykins.

Dwight and Betty divorced and Dwight remarried Hazel Price.  They had two children together: Lawrence “Larry” Lykins and William “Bill” Douglas Lykins.  Dwight also had a child with Sara Collins, whom he did not marry, named Ronald Lee Lykins.   Dwight Lee Lykins died December 18, 1962.

Janalee Lykins married John Gilkison and they had one child together, me! I am Cari Lynn Gilkison and I was born June 27, 1976.  I married Jason Paul Vaughn, a fellow Swede, in 2000 and we had two children together.  Anastasia Taylor Vaughn was born September 17, 2003 and Sebastian Ulysses Vaughn was born November 6, 2007.

Steven Ray Lykins married Jeanne Sanders and they had three children together: Alecia Jeane Lykins, Steven Dwight Lykins, and Tyler Joseph Lykins.  Steve and Jeanne later divorced and both remarried, but did not have children with their second spouses.  Alecia Jeane Lykins married Steven Goulet and they had two children together: Vincent and Lucas Lykins.  Steven Dwight Lykins married Marta and they had a son together: Joseph Dwight Lykins.  Tyler Joseph Lykins has a son Noah Lykins.

Lawrence or Larry Lykins married Barbara and they had one son Dwight Lykins.


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89 Responses to The Lykins Family History

  1. Janet says:

    I am a Lykins descendant also so I read your blog post with great interest. I’ve done a lot of work documenting my Lykins heritage on

    • Betty Messbarger says:

      My great-grandmother was Martha Lykins, dau of James Lykins, granddaughter of William Lykins. She married James Alton Cole. My grandfather had siblings. Two had unusual names. Barron, and Castor. Would you know if those are Swedish names? My great-grandfather Cole died and was buried in Riverside, Warren Co, KY. His mother was Mary Roman and the names could have come from his side of the family.
      My grandfather was Matthew Cole, on 1850 and 1860 census name was spelled Matthias. Some has mistakenly entered a Richard Cole in his place in the Caldwell genealogy. This mistake will lead 2 families in the wrong direction for an eternity. Sorry to have bothered you, but truly would like to know where the strange names came from.

      • carilynn27 says:

        No, those names don’t ring a bell. I don’t remember seeing them on our genealogy. My mother once dated a man with the last name of Castor. It is an unusual first name. It is Greek I think. Wish I could be of more help. Sorry.

  2. Robin says:

    I have traced my Lykens family line back to a Peter Lykens born in Pennsylvania May 12, 1801. (My grandmother was a Lykens) I cannot find the connection between this Peter and the rest of the family going back to Nils Andersson. You said you had a Peter born in 1800, could this be the same man? My records say he was married to Rebecca, though, born 1797 and with no other information on her. The only child I have of theirs is a William.
    If this is the same man, would you share his family tree going backward to the original Lykens brothers (in the U S )and ultimately Nils Andersson?

    • carilynn27 says:

      It probably is the same man. I have some conflicting dates and other information myself. I will have to double check my records and get back to you with more details!

  3. vanessa lykins says:

    I am a Lykins as well my father was Robert Lykins and his mother was Leatha and father was Watt. I do not know much more.

  4. Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:

    Nils ANDERSON, my 10th great grandfather his birth, 1609 or 1614 or 1620 in Nya Kopparberget in Ljusnarsberg Parish, Orebro Ian, Sweeden and his death February 1654 in died at sea on the ship, Eagle.

    I have traced my Lykins family line back to a Peter Nilsson LYCAN 1640 – 1693, his birth 1640 in Lyckan, Gunnarskog Parish, Varmlands, Sweden and his death May 1693 in Shackamaxon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, American Colonies.

    Hans J (PETERSSON) LYCON, 1667 – 1751; Peter LYKINS 1699 – 1754; Marcus (Marquis) LYKINS 1735 – 1813 (PA or VA?); William Stuart LYKINS, Sr 1766 – 1845; David J ‘Stick’ LYKINS 1791 – 1882; William Bruce LYKINS 1811 – 1893; Joseph Carter LYKINS 1843 – 1930, Henry Clay (S) LYKINS 1872 – (No information on my great grandfather other than he left a sick wife and six or seven small children) and finally my grandfather, Darlie Raymond Lykins, Sr. 1901 – 1972.
    Can you share any information about any of these people, I know this is a huge question, I so excited about my knew found family! I never knew or heard of them before.
    Thank you so much, I am signed up!

    • Tim Miller says:

      William Bruce Lykins was the first judge of Morgan County, Kentucky, and there is a bridge named after him.
      How sure are you of the initial “J” for David? I have seen that before, but I’ve also seen “L”.

      • Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:
        David J. Lykins
        Begravet i: Old Caney Cemetery, Caney, Morgan County, Kentucky, United States
        Fødselsdato – sted 13. juli 1791
        Franklin County, Virginia, United States
        Dødsdato – sted 22. april 1882
        Caney, Morgan County, Kentucky, United States
        Nærmeste familie:
        Søn af William S. Lykins og Margaret Lykins
        Husbond til Williams; Nancy Jane Lykins og Hannah Lykins
        Far til Judge William Bruce Lykins; Mary Lovincia Lykins; John Couch Lykins; Eunica Jane Lykins; Peter Dial Lykins
        Bror til Unknown Lykins; William Phillip Lykins; Peter Lykins; Sarah Rebecca Day; John Peter Lykins; Unknown Lykins; Elizabeth Williams; Jennie Lykins; Molly Stout; Lydia Day og Unknown Lykins

      • Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:
        David J “Stick” Lykins
        Birth: Jul. 13, 1791
        Franklin County
        Kentucky, USA
        Death: Apr. 22, 1882
        Morgan County
        Kentucky, USA
        Shows a photo of David and Judge William.
        No documentation. No birth certificate or death record papers.

  5. corie lykins says:

    I didn’t think their would be that many lykins out there. carl ray lykins is my dads name. i’m corie.

  6. I am really loving the theme/design of your website.
    Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility
    issues? A small number of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not
    operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox.
    Do you have any suggestions to help fix this problem?

  7. Eddie Joe Lykins says:

    Thanks for your site, I have traced back to Issac Lykins of Morgan County Kentucky. My father was Ollie Lykins and my grandfather was Ted Lykins. My great great GF was Ely Lykins. From there we go to John and then to Issac. Anyone out there know of this branch of the family?

    • Desiree Wright says:

      My 4th great grandfather was Isaac Lykins born 1799 and lived in Morgan County, KY. It’s so hard differentiating all that line because they kept using the same names! Eddie Jo, are you descended from this line?

    • Debra J. Reynolds says:

      Darlie R. Lykins, my maternal grandfather had a brother named Ollie Clay Lykins b. 1900 and d. 1965 in Johnson County, Kentucky. Are we talking about the same person.

  8. Yes! Finally someone writes about lightsquared.

  9. Bobby Lykins says:

    Hi Cari, and everyone else, thanks for getting the word of the Lykins out there!! That was a while ago that I wrote that piece. I have since then put my database on and now have a database of over 84,000 family members. Most of you here appear to come from the Marcus Lykins line out of KY. He is the brother of my ancestor Andrew Lykins from VA, then onto IN, and west.
    I would be happy to help anyone as best as I can with connections to the family. Understand though, I have yet to connect every line out there. 🙂 But places like this help us all to tie all the family lines together! Cari, you are doing a great thing putting this info out there!! Thank you!!

    • Eddie Joe Lykins says:

      Hi Bobby, I will find you on Thank you for that piece, it was wonderful to read.

      • Andrea dawn lykins says:

        I was adopted but my birth name was Andrea Dawn Lykins born to Roland Darl Lykins jr and Deborah jean Hartley. My dads dad was Roland Lykins Sr and his dad was Burl Lykins . Trying to figure where I fit into the family tree. I am tall dark hair thick dark brows and blue eyes. Is this a common feature with Lykins? Any info appreciated. I have traced my dads family to Anders Lycon who married Anneka Jonson. Their dates were Anders 1684-1733 and Anneka 1681-1750. Don’t know if any of this can be verified. I can only verify through Burl Lykins

  10. Andrea dawn lykins says:

    I also forgot to add that my dear brother Roland Darl Lykins the third born July 11, 1975 died September 7, 2006. His name was changed after he was adopted but we were adopted into the same family and our names were changed.

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      Yes Andrea, sorry it’s taken so long to respond. You are definitely a part of the family! Lycon was one of the main ways to spell the name back then. Anders Lycon is the same one that most refer to as Andrew Lykins. Anneka is also known as Anna Johnson. If you can send me anymore info, such as the line you have traced, be glad to help you out however I can.
      Bobby Lykins

      • Andrea dawn lykins says:

        Responding to bobby. I have Roland darl lykins jr as my dad his dad was Roland darl lykins sr then burl,Charley,mason ,peter dial lykins,David,William,marcus ,peter,then his dad anders lycon. I also have all the wives names. All I listed are the fathers of the previous named

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      Can you give me any further info on your father Burl? I have a Burl Ledford is this possibly your Grandfather?

    • Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:

      I have a Anders Lycon b. 1670, Upland Creek, Delaware, Pennsylvania, American Colonies and d. MAY 1733 • Manatawny, Berks, Pennsylvania, American Colonies, son of Peter Nilsson Lycan and Christina.

      Anders is married to Annika (Anna) Johansson b.1674 Berks, Pennsylvania, American Colonies and d. 1748.

      My line led me to Anders or his brother Hans Johann Lycon b. 1667 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and d. 19 September 1751 married to Gertrude Elizabeth Classen.

      These two brothers have issues that have similar names and birth dates. I took my line from Hans Hohann Lycon to Peter LYKINS (1699 – 1754), Marcus (Marquis) LYKINS (1735 – 1813), William Stuart LYKINS, Sr (1766 – 1845), David J. ‘Stick’ LYKINS (1791 – 1882), William Bruce LYKINS 1st Judge of Morgan County (1811 – 1893), Joseph Carter LYKINS (1843 – 1930), Henry Clay (S) LYKINS (1872 – 1913), Darlie Raymond LYKINS Sr. (1901 – 1972).

      I am searching our information on David J. Lykins’ spouse named Nancy Jane Williams.

      Thank You, Debra J. Reynolds Knight

  11. Barbara M. says:

    Hi, i went to a antique show with my cousin and aunt and they had some old pictures for 1$ each, and we found 5 pictures with the same people in them, there is a son and daughter. and the two parents of course, it says the mothers name is Betty and the daughters name is Janalea, which is strange because on here it says Janalee. there is a picture that has the date “october 1957”, and another says “1954”, and another says “june 1955”, “February 1955” and the last one says “11/ some thing.” i cant read the last numbers. i was just wondering if this could possibly be them. My cousin and i were just curious to find out who the people in the pictures were. (:

    • carilynn27 says:

      Wow! That could totally be my Grandma and Mom. Where was this Antique show? How long ago did you see it? Do you know who was selling it? Yes, my Grandma’s name was Betty Hoak Lykins and her Daughter was Janalee Lykins. Jan was born in 1954. Could you possible send me a scanned copy? You can email me at! Cool!

  12. Michael Lykens says:

    Hello Carilynn, I am Michael Lykens, and probable a relative of yours since my family also goes back to Nils Anderson. I am also a twin, and I was wondering if there are any multiple births in your family. Glad to have found you.

    • carilynn27 says:

      No multiple births in recent history. Thanks for visiting my page. I am glad to have found you as well!

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      Hey Michael, can you let me know how you fit into the family, would like to add your line to my database.
      Bobby Lykins

      • Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:

        My grandfather, Darlie Raymond LYKINS Sr. 1901 – 1972 was a twin, his brother was Dorsey Hammond Lykins 1901 – 1965.

        Twins are on both sides of this family more so on the Dorsey side plus a few triplets!

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  14. Clara Martin says:

    I am a Lykins descendant. My ggggf was Jonas Lykins (no info). His daughter was Nancy Lykins Smith (my gggm), 1801–1883. Her daughter was Lydia Smith McNeil (my ggm), 1827–1883). Nancy and Lydia died on the same day (7/7/1883–family lore says food poisoning caused by bad cherries) and are buried in the McNeil family cemetery in Floyd County, VA. Nancy Lykins had a sister, Mahala Lykins Wilson (1798–1883) who is buried in the same cemetery. Do you have any of these names in your database?
    Clara Martin
    Woolwine, VA

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      YES! I sure do!! She is one of my lines I don’t have info on other than she was married to John Smith.
      Her Father Jonas, was a brother to my 4th great grandfather Philip Lykins.
      Would love to swap whatever info you may have on Nancy. Such as her husband, children and anything from her to you. This would complete another line to then to today. If I can help in any way please ask.
      Bobby Lykins

      • Andrea dawn lykins says:

        My father Roland Darl Lykins jr says he is part indian through his father Burl Lykins. Don’t know if this is true

  15. Bobby Lykins says:

    This is a possibility, but I personally have not found a link to any native American blood lines thus far. But that isn’t to say there aren’t some out there. I just haven’t found any. And again, somewhere in Burl’s line he may have had some in him. Even I am supposed to have some in my line, just not my Lykins line. And then there is the point of proving this. If someone does, I would hope they would share this with us all.

    • Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:

      My bloodline had Native American Cherokee through my grandmother, Grace Howard Lykins side of the family. My mother and half of her siblings have the dark hair, beautiful greyish blue eyes, dark eyebrows and tan very dark during the summer months.

      If my research is correct, Leticia ‘Hatchet Grey’ DURHAM 1744-1843 married Thomas Howard 1750-1822 and my lines are through their son, James Howard, Sr. and daughter, Elizabeth Howard.

      James married Elizabeth Green their issue: John HOWARD (1799 – 1831), John E. HOWARD (1828 – 1905), William M. ‘Tater Bill’ HOWARD (1871 – 1953), Grace HOWARD (1908 – 1978).

      Elizabeth Howard married Stephen ARNETT 1782-1853 their issue: Reuben ARNETT (1810 – 1870), Clarinda ARNETT (1828 – 1915), Arta (Arty) STONE (1870 – 1946), Grace HOWARD (1908 – 1978).

      My grandfather’s name is Darlie Raymond Lykins 1901-1972.

    • Donald Lykins says: answers your questions, or speculation, about native American heritage.

  16. Marla McFarland says:

    Hi Everyone! I’m trying to prove Mary “Polly” Lykins m. George Stacy to Marcus Lykins. I want to add Marcus as a Patriot in DAR and David is proven by DAR as being Marcus’ son and I have generations under Mary proven but I don’t have a birth/record, marriage bond or license. She was married before 1850, so a census won’t work for me. If I have to I suppose I can travel to Morgan county and try to find these items but it would be a lot easier if someone had a copy of one or more. Her marriage date was 20 Nov 1831. Thanks cousins! Marla

  17. Hi there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to take a look.
    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to
    my followers! Superb blog and outstanding style and design.

  18. jacqueline miranda evans says:

    Peter dail lykins wife evaline maiden name was stacy per my family history.

    • Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:

      Rose Evaline Stacy
      wife of 4th great grand uncle
      Birth 06 March 1821 in Caney, Morgan, Kentucky, United States
      Death 10 December 1894 in Lewis County, Kentucky, USA

  19. Tim Miller says:

    Marla, I do have a bit of information for you, and that is Mary’s middle name was Lovincia, and I believe her birth date was 12/18/1814. No record, just a date on some family ancestry sheets. Good luck!

    • Tim Miller says:

      And I neglected to add, Mary Lovincia was the daughter of David Lykins (“Stick Grand-daddy”) and Nancy Williams, in case you did not already have that. Again, I have no documented proof, such as birth or death certificates.

  20. Tim Miller says:

    Hello Lykins cousins! I am trying to find records that will settle whether Marquis (Marcus) Likens (as it is spelled with DAR) was the grandson of Hans(e) or Anders. There are both claims here on this very web page. His father was named Peter, and his mother was Bridgett. I have those names on an official-looking piece of paper that says it serves as validation of a DAR eligibility. The question is, was this Peter the son of Hans or the son of Anders? Both Hans and Anders had sons named Peter, I think (see Also, there’s this: Did both Peters marry women with the last name Jones (or Jonasson)? Was Bridgett the same as Brita? And was Brita the same as Sarah? Very confusing information out there.

  21. Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:

    That is a lot of Questions! This is confusing. This is what I have…
    SJOBLAD till Flättna
    is your 16th great grandfather
    Christiern (Larsson) (1485 – 1544)
    son of SJOBLAD till Flättna
    Peder Christersson SJOBLAD till (to) Flättna och (and) Hinsekind (1530 – 1604)
    son of Christiern (Larsson)
    Nils Pedersson SJOBLAD (1544 – 1645)
    son of Peder Christersson SJOBLAD till (to) Flättna och (and) Hinsekind
    Anders SJOBLAD (1587 – 1651)
    son of Nils Pedersson SJOBLAD
    NILS (1614 – 1654)
    son of Anders SJOBLAD
    Peter LYCAN (1640 – 1693)
    son of NILS
    Hans Johann LYCON (1667 – 1751)
    son of Peter LYCAN
    Peter LYKINS (1699 – 1754)
    son of Hans Johann LYCON
    Marcus (Marquis) LYKINS (1735 – 1813)
    son of Peter LYKINS
    William Stuart LYKINS, Sr (1766 – 1845)
    son of Marcus (Marquis) LYKINS
    David J. ‘Stick’ LYKINS (1791 – 1882)
    son of William Stuart LYKINS, Sr
    William Bruce LYKINS (1811 – 1893)
    son of David J. ‘Stick’ LYKINS
    Joseph Carter LYKINS (1843 – 1930)
    son of William Bruce LYKINS
    Henry Clay (S) LYKINS (1872 – 1913)
    son of Joseph Carter LYKINS
    Darlie Raymond LYKINS Sr. (1901 – 1972)
    son of Henry Clay (S) LYKINS

    I have Peter married to: Sarah Brita JONES Birth 1717 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, United States Death 1794 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, USA

    I have Peter’s father as: Hans Johann LYCON Birth 1667 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Death 19 September 1751 in Pocono Lake, PA, USA

    The line will still be the same, as Hans and Peter are brothers. I went crazy on this line. So this is it until I research more or receive information to correct.

    Best of luck in your searching.

    • Debra J. Reynolds Knight says:

      My 4th GGFather:
      David J. ‘Stick’ LYKINS 1791–1882
      Birth 13 JULY 1791 • Franklin County, Virginia
      Death 22 APRIL 1882 • Caney, Morgan County, Kentucky USA

      His Spouse:
      Nancy Jane WILLIAMS 1794–1840
      Birth 1794 • Mason County, Kentucky
      Death FEBRUARY 1840 • Caney, Morgan, Kentucky

      Has anyone made the connection with Nancy’s maternal side being descendants of the Mayflower pilgrims?

      John HOWLAND Pilgrim of the Mayflower (1591 – 1672)
      12th great-grandfather
      Hope HOWLAND (Parents sailed on the Mayflower) (1629 – 1683)
      daughter of John HOWLAND Pilgrim of the Mayflower
      Elizabeth CHIPMAN (1648 – 1712)
      daughter of Hope HOWLAND (Parents sailed on the Mayflower)
      Dorcas JOYCE ( – 1759)
      daughter of Elizabeth CHIPMAN
      Prince HOWES (1700 – 1793)
      son of Dorcas JOYCE
      Sarah HOWES (1744 – 1821)
      daughter of Prince HOWES
      Rebecca Violet CROUCH Couch (1765 – 1830)
      daughter of Sarah HOWES
      Nancy Jane WILLIAMS (1794 – 1840)
      daughter of Rebecca Violet CROUCH Couch
      William Bruce LYKINS (1811 – 1893)
      son of Nancy Jane WILLIAMS

      Thank You,
      Debra J. Reynolds Knight

      • Timothy Miller says:

        Debra, that’s an interesting line that you have for Nancy Williams. Would you consider putting it on (which is free)? I searched for a Prince Howes, and found one said to have been married to a Dorcas Joyce, with their birthdates 1669 and 1640, respectively. I doubt that information, with the woman 29 years older than the man, and those dates quite different from yours. If you do put your tree on wikitree, note that the people Sarah Howes, Violet Crouch, Nancy Williams, and William B. Lykins are already there. Contact me separately if you want to discuss (or give me details, including sources, so that I can put them on), at Thanks so much!

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      I would love very much to see the documentation on our family beyond Nils 1614- 1654. I have been working this family for many years and have not found anything past Nils. I’ve worked with the Swedish Colonial Society and many other family historians. If you have found documentation to prove this please contact me!

  22. Bill Lykins says:

    That’s very interesting, thank you for sharing, my name is Bill Lykins, it is interesting to know where our last name comes from, but sounds like we come from different lines. It is pretty amazing to read everybody’s history, wish I knew where mine came from. My dad is Donald Lykins and his dad was Joe Lykins but that’s about all I know unfortunately. If any of these names sound familiar or please drop me a line. Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      Hi Bill!
      If you could send me more info ( dates, any names, siblings, lived) and email me , I would be happy to check my database and share with you any info i may have. And so you know, the lines that have been researched, nearly all have connected to this original family.
      Look forward to working with you.
      Bobby Lykins

  23. George Ortlip says:

    Hello everyone,
    One of my 2nd great grandmothers was an Arabella Likens. She was born about 1853 in Lower Chichester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Her husband was Clark Pierce. Arabella’s parents were Lewis Likens (b 1817) and Elizabeth Cloud (b.1819). Lewis’s parents were Daniel Likens (b 1785) and Lydia Pyle (b 1787). I have suspected that my branch of the Likens family is descended from the Lykins family referenced in this blog, but I have not been able to find out who Daniel Likens parents were. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Carolyn Robinson Green says:

    Here is my Lykins connection from my Mom Hazel Clemons Robinson Mother my Granny Stella Lykins Clemons…Granny Stella Lykins Clemons Family
    My Great Grandfather was David Lykins (born 1-17-1868 in Caney, Ky and he died on 10-3-1959 in West Union Ohio). He was the s/o William Lykins(b. 11-27-1844and he died?) and Anna Webb. He married Isabelle Benton.
    William’s parents were David Issac Williams(b. 4-4-1822 in Caney, Morgan Co, Ky and he died in 4-1860 in Whitesburg Ky (Letcher Co, Ky) and Rachel Ann Rose.
    David Issac Williams parents were David Lykins (Stick Grand Daddy) b. 7-13-1791 in Franklin CO, Va (Old Floyd Co, Va and he died on 4-22-1882 in Caney, Morgan Co, Ky) and Nancy Jane Williams.
    David Lykins (Stick Grand Daddy) parents were William S. Lykins (b. in 1776 in Roberson Twp. Lancaster Co,(later Berks Co,) Pa.and he diedin 1840in Morgan Co, Ky) and Margaret Ritter
    William S. Lykins parents were Marcus Lykins(b. 1735 in Roberson Twp, Lancaster Co, (later Berks Co,Pa & died 11-1-1813) and Margaret Howe.

    Per: My Hertiage……
    David Lykins
    Direct ancestor (6 generations)
    1791 – 1882

    I think this information was given to me by Bobby Lykins!!

  25. Shannon Blackston says:

    Hi Bobby. I am also a descendant of Peter Lykins. My grandfather was Louie Likens born in Glasgow, KY. My uncle Bobby Likens will be the last in our family to carry the name. This may be an odd question but do any of you have dark black hair? It seems to run on that side of the family.

  26. Sherri Baillie says:

    I just want to say hello to all my cousins. I am connected to Lykins through 3 different lines. The funny thing is, is that my ggrandfathers name is Thomas Jefferson Lykins but he was actually born a Johnson. His father was killed during the Civil War and his mother married Isaac Walton Lykins and Thomas took on the Lykins surname. He married Caroline Williams and this is where my 3 lines of Lykins come from. Her mother was Loucinda Lykins (David Kitchen Lykins & Mahala Lykins). David is actually Mahala’s uncle. Then Caroline Williams’ father is Isaac S. Williams and his mother is Elizabeth Lykins out of William Lykins and Margaret Ritter. My family didn’t travel to far off the mountain to marry. lol Carilynn this is a small world in which we live in. I was on the phone with my uncle this afternoon and we were just talking about your grandfather. My uncle use to live in Shelby many years ago (my father lives in Shelby now). My uncle new your grandfather very well. I am just starting to work on your specific line and my uncle was telling about your grandfather and his siblings. Thank you very much for sharing this.
    Sherri Lynn Lehman Baillie

  27. Debra J. Reynolds says:

    My maternal grandfather was Darlie Raymond Lykins. My search, also, led me to the two Swedish brothers.

  28. Darlene Risner says:

    I am the granddaughter of Ollie Clay Lykins looking for and thing on a Henry Clay Lykins that was married to Elizabeth Gay Asbury

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      Hi Darlene, I have Henry being born in April of 1871 in Morgan Co., KY I do have this conversation between Leah Wickett and Debra Reynolds. There is also a picture of them online.

      Debra J. Reynolds No information on Henry Clay (S) Lykins, as of today. Anyone out there?

      My grandfather was Dorsey Lykins twin brother named Darlie Raymond Lykins who married Grace Howard.

      Looking for any information on my Great Grandparents; Henry Clay Lykins or Elizabeth Gaye Asbury.

      1 year ago Flag Hide

      Leah Wickett I don’t know the names of the other men in the photo. Only that the man indicated in the description was said to be Henry Clay Lykins. My grandfather was Dorsey Lykins.

      1 year ago Flag Hide

      Debra J. Reynolds Dorsey and Darlie were twin brothers. 🙂

      9 months ago Flag Hide

      Debra J. Reynolds I have been searching for information on Henry C. Lykins, my ggfather, he m. Elizabeth Gaye Asbury. On one of the message boards about four years ago, I posted my story that my mother passed down to me…

      Henry Clay Lykins b. 1872 in Morgan County, Kentucky. He disappeared, 1913. My mother told the story of her gfather, Henry going for medicine for her gmother, Elizabeth Gaye Asbury Lykins. The legend is that he fell through some ice and drown, his body never found.

      Eight issue: Cordilla ‘Corda’ Frances, Clara Millicent, Ollie Clay, my grandfather, Darlie Raymond and his twin brother Dorsey Hammond, Harvey Henry, Lloyd Lee, and Alda Ann. My gfather was eleven when his father went missing, his mother d. the next year, 1914. She was 38 yrs old. Their oldest dau. was 18 yrs old.

      The 1920 US Federal Census had a Henry (K.) Lykins b. abt 1873, boarding in a home, Augusta Ward 4, Butler Kansas.

      Aft 4 years of that posting, a woman messages me from Kansas, she thinks that her husband’s mother’s father was Henry Lykins, my missing ggfather! Her husband has taken the DNA test through ancestry. One of her husband’s matches comes up, as the gdau. of Dorsey Lykins.

      7 months ago Flag Hide

      Susanpence56 That is amazing! Have you been in touch with them – perhaps they know “the rest of the story”! It seems it was much easier to disappear back then if you wanted to.

      7 months ago Flag Hide

      Leah Wickett My father said that his father (Dorsey) always believed that Henry abandoned their family. (All of Dorsey’s siblings did not agree)

      7 months ago Flag Hide

      Debra J. Reynolds You read my mother’s story of Henry going to get medicine for his wife and falling through ice. Body never found.

      The woman that notified me, knows nothing else about Henry.

      My DNA kit is ordered.

      Of the twins brothers, Darlie and Dorsey, does per chance, anyone know which one was born first.

      My family has had several twins born in the second generation from Darlie. Any twins or triplets? Just a fun question.

      7 months ago
      I may be able to get more info, but you may get a lot more detail contacting one of these ladies above.
      Hope this helps!

  29. Natalie Pavlovski says:

    My name is Natalie Rae Likens. My dad Stephen Ray Likens comes from this lineage. He was born to Colonol Benjamin Likens.

  30. pam slone says:

    I have been searching for a very long time on Lykins line. My grandfather Charles B Lykins born 1909 in Morgan County Ky to Isaac Shelby Lykins( B. ? 1882) and Florence Laura Smith. ( B. 1882) Possibly Not sure( just going by the census). I have yet to connect him to any other Lykins. There no Grave site I’ve been able to find. Isaac went by ( Shelby tho) Father unknown. Any help I would be grateful.

  31. Bobby Lykins says:

    Hi Pam, Can you give me your Grandmothers name, I may have a lead for you and a gravestone if your Grandmothers name fits.

    • Pam Slone says:

      Bobby My Grandmother was Harriet Alice Waugh( 28 Mar.1911) who Married Charles Burton Lykins(26 Jun 1909) His parents are Isaac Shelby Lykins and Florence Laura Smith. I am not sure of their birth dates tho. I have 3 census where only 1 has him as Isaac S Lykins the other 2 Has him as Shelby. they had 2 sons Roy 1907 Charles B Lykins( my Grandfather.) Mariage record as then as Shelby Lykins and Laura Smith. Any help I will be so grateful.

  32. Bobby Lykins says:

    Then thats a match!! Here is where they are buried: Cemetery name
    Oakland Chapel Cemetery, Kitts Hill, Lawrence County, Ohio I have a picture I can send you, just need an email. I will keep digging. I have a lead for Shelby’s father, maybe a William Morrow Lykins. Also have a James and Maggie who is your Grandfathers older brother and sister. In 1910 James is 16, and Maggie is 9.
    Name Age
    Florence Lykins 28
    Shelby Lykins 24
    James Lykins 16
    Maggie Lykins 9
    Roy Lykins 2
    Charlie Lykins 0

    • Bobby Lykins says:

      Pam, after looking again, James and Maggie could have not been Charlie’s siblings, just going off the census. More likely they were Shelby’s siblings.

      • pj Slone says:

        No James and Maggie are for Florence other marriage. James is James Sparks, Maggie is Maggie Skaggs married Dan Marshell their daughter ArleneMarshall. I spoke to Arlene family member. My Grandmother Harriet always saif the Grandpaw mother married a few times.

      • PJ Slone says:

        Bobby thanks but I know where they are buried I was raised by Charles Burton Lykins and Harriet Alice Waugh. I just can not find where Isaac Shelby and Florence Smith Lykins are buried or Isaac Shelby parents. My email is

  33. Charles Frisby says:

    Looking for any information on my gfather, Chester Frisby, who may have been born a Lykens in Morgan co about 1901. Was supposedly given to the Frisby family to raise as natural parents had too many kids. He may have had a sister, Virginia,( Virgie) who also may have been a Lykens. Chester married Edith Goodall of Morgan co, Virgie married Sam Howard. I do have Lykens in my ancestry, Peter Lykens.

  34. Alvina Stahl says:

    I was wondering, during your research have you ever came across a Likens (Lycon) marring a Vancil. I am descended from a Martha Ann Likens (Lycon) who married a Willis Vancil. Would you know anything of this? Martha was born about 1848 in Illinois. Willis was born in 1845 also in Illinois. Any information you have would be most fruitful. Thank you.

  35. Bobby Lykins says:

    Sorry its been a while.
    I do have Willis and Martha in my data base along with 2 daughters. But havent really done any research on the Vancil line.
    I have Martha’s father as William son of James, who is the son of William, who is the son of Peter and Sarah, son of peter Nilsson Lycon.

  36. Tina Marie Dubry says:

    Hello, I am the granddaughter of Earnest Lykins. He was born nov 26 1917, in Kentucky. and passed away 2003 in howell michigan. I would love information on the lykins history. My email is I am on fb. Tina derbeck dubry. Thank you. God bless…….

  37. Tina says:

    I am the granddaughter of Ernest lykins. His father is John D lykins. I would love to know more about my great grandparents or see pictures of them. My email is any information would be appreciated. Thank you God Bless

  38. Annmaria Amy Rahija Walthall says:

    I have Likens, Lykins, Likins Liken as well in my family tree. What I have found most frustrating is the variations of how the last name is recorded throughout history as well with other members who share the same name. I’m hoping that someone on here can clarify the proper spelling and explain why so many different ways the surname was spelled.

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