Jesus: The Unauthorized Verson

Jesus: The Unauthorized Version

Unauthorized Jesus The Unauthorized Version: Ancient Accounts of the Unknown Christ is Edited and Introduced by Mian Ridge and came out in 2006.  It opens with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library in 1945.  Muhammad Ali was a peasant who found the papers.  His mother tore some of the pages to burn and other pages were traded for cigarettes, so the world may never know some secrets.

Paul was the first KNOWN Christian writer in 50 A.D. Mark was around from 65-70 AD and John was 110 A.D. Ortho means straight and doxa means thinking. So, orthodox Christianity is all about straight thinking.  Heresy means choice.  It can also mean sect, faction or merely different.  Bishop Irenaeus wrote Against Heresies.  He specifically mentioned The Gospel of Truth and Valentinus in 136 A.D.

Greek Gnosis means Knowledge. The first Gnostic was Simon Magus possible.  The Pleroma of Sophia is mentioned.  The Gospel of Thomas is the most exciting find.  The first fragment was discovered in 1896 and then another in 1904.  The Gospel of Mary and The Gospel of Judas are also exciting finds.

Jesus had four brothers: James, Joseph, Simon and Judas.  The church often taught that these brothers came from Joseph’s previous marriage or that they were cousins. I guess they did that so Mary could stay a virgin in their eyes, but she wasn’t.

Mary’s parents were Anna and Ioachim.  Joseph was rich. He was a contractor and a widower with children.  The Gospel of Phillip dismisses Jesus’ virgin birth. The Gospel of Phillip also draws a distinction between people who “get” Jesus’ true message and those who don’t.  Looking for outward messages and signs is a mistake.

 Jesus spent time in Egypt.  The Gospel of Luke talks about Jesus as a 12yr old in the temple.  The Gospel of Mathew talks of him taming dragons and how lions adored him.  In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus is portrayed as a sort of supernatural brat.  In Pista Sophia he astounds elders with his knowledge.  In the Act of Peter it says Jesus is a shape-shifter.  In the Gospel of Truth Jesus is a shepherd who shows kindly affection.

Mary Magdalene was from Magdala. She is the one who finds Jesus’ tomb empty and mistakes the Lord for a Gardner 3 days later.  In the Gnostic Gospels she dominates the conversation with the disciples.  Is she Jesus’ beloved and there is jealousy among the disciples.  Does this mean she too was a disciple and that she was married to Jesus? Maybe.

Jesus taught many things.  In the Secret book of James the Apocrypha of James, The Gospel of Thomas, Acts of John, Apocalypse of Peter and Gospel of Phillip they show Jesus teaching about the nature of human suffering and how we can all achieve a spiritual resurrection.

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