Dancing in The Flames

Dancing In the Flames

 Dancing In The Flames

Dancing in the Flames: the Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness by Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson came out in 1996.  It asks who is the Goddess?  It is Eve, Lilith, Madonna or Mother Mary, The Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene.  We have both male and female energies inside us and men need to get in touch with their feminine sides just as much as women do.

Women can be strong to.  We have the Crocodile Goddess Timet.  She is the Goddess of Death and Devourer of Death.  We have the fierce and loving Goddess of Kali who is the Hindu Goddess of Creation.  Isis is our Black Virgin Goddess.  Men split their view of women into Goddesses and Whores.  The Salem Witch trials and Witch Hunts of Europe are proof of this.


Myths from all over the world show women embracing the darkness. Baba Yaga is the Witch of Russia.  She lives deep in the dark woods and represents the darkness of the world.  The Judgment of Maat in Canaanite mythology represents the Individuation of the Ego.  In Tibetan Buddhism there is the idea of the Dakini. It is the energy through which our darkness descends into the Underworld.  And Dionysus from Greek myths is to be embraced as well.  He not only represents darkness, but fertility and ecstasy.  Keep in mind Demeter and Persephone as well.

 We also have Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics which suggests that darkness is a huge part of our universe.

 The Rose in the Fire is important.  The Lotus Rose intersects passion with the divine.  T.S. Elliot wrote in the 4 Quartets, “Break, blow, burn and make us new.”  So we must be like the rose and be will to burn to become new.

 Fire Rose

Feminine consciousness is the trans-figurative energy that can contain the energies of matter, and through the fire of love, connect the energies of the soul.

Metaphor is the language of the virgin.  Metaphors can open us up and transform our consciousness.  The Dark Goddess is our metaphor for pain and the process of healing.  Metaphors about the Dark Goddess can act as our guide and release that dark matter into the light.

The flames of passion in which we dance with food, alcohol, sex, drugs and death are flames in which we may dimly discern one another.  It is our reality seen through a glass darkly.  Words DO matter.  They can hurt and they can heal, so use them wisely.

Our Sophia is connected to Synchronicity.  She is our intuitive wisdom.  Chaos theorist suggest that consciousness has an emergent property in matter.  We can emerge from the chaos.  It can make us better and stronger in the end.

M's Madonna

Woodman leaves us with the image of Munch’s Madonna. She is dancing in the flames.  She represents both beauty and horror.  She is love in the darkness.  She is our guide to healing our pain.

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