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November 10, 2013 Anarchy


Anarchy generally means a society without a publicly enforced government. Anarchism centers around the idea that the state is immoral, corrupt and not to be trusted. Like any philosophy, it has a spectrum swinging from Individualism to Communism. The Greek term Anarchism means without rulers and was often used interchangeably with Libertarianism after the 1800s—particularly in France. Kant further defined the idea by saying that law and freedom without force is anarchy, but law and force without freedom is despotism. Force without freedom is barbarism and force with freedom and law is a republic. Strictly speaking, the USA is a Republic.

Many people associate Anarchy with violence and chaos, but it isn’t necessarily a given. I used to say that I was a Pacifist Anarchist. I didn’t want people to think I was a terrorist despite my strong desire to rule myself.  Perhaps it is the infamous Anarchist’s Cookbook that gave Anarchists a bad name.

The Anarchist CookbookAnyway, the FX show Sons of Anarchy (2008-Present) got me to contemplating the meaning of Anarchy. Ray recommended the show, so I decided to check it out. Season 2 arrived first, so that is what I set about to watch to this week.  I’ve enjoyed it thus far. The actor who plays Jax reminds me of Brad Pitt during his Legends of the Fall Era.  His old lady Tara reminds me of Shondi for some reason, though perhaps she looks more like Shayla.  Every time I see Ron Pearlman, I see Hell Boy.  And every time I hear Gemma speak, I think of Leela from Futurama. lol.

GemmaCharlie AKA Jax

I discovered that Biker Clubs were often formed by former Military men looking for a brotherhood outside their unit or platoon. They were family who had each other’s backs—a sort of wolf clan.  It wasn’t until the late 70s that Biker Clubs became more gang oriented. Crime, drugs, and greed took over.  Now, many clubs are making an effort to return to old ways. Hells Angels are probably the most well-known Biker Club. It was founded in 1948. The Outlaws were formed in 1935 and are a one-percenter club that is often associated with organized crime.  Here in Colorado we have the Sons of Silence, who are also a one-percenter club associated with organized crime.  In Golden, there are at least two biker hangouts. The Buffalo Rose downtown and Suzie’s on Colfax. 


My childhood friend Nicky romanticized Harley Davidson and the badass attitude it represented. A biker dude was just her type.  Jason, on the other hand, didn’t particularly care for the heavy hogs.  He preferred the crotch-rocket type racing motorcycles.  He has owned several Hondas since I’ve known him. He is more focused on the need for speed than being a badass I guess.

Anyway, the show has definitely given me insight into the Biker world and I plan on getting the rest of the seasons on DVD from the library and catching up on all 5 seasons as soon as possible.  Now I have to know what happens to these compelling characters.

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