A Legend To Fall For

A Legend To Fall For

Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a Legend to Fall For. He caught my eye first in Thelma and Louise back in 1991. His passionate romp with Gena Davis left me lusting for a similar experience. But it wasn’t until I saw him in Legends of the Fall that I fell in love with him. I told myself I was just in love with the Tragic Hero Archetype, but unless I meet him, I will never know for sure. When I saw him in Interview With A Vampire, I longed to comfort his eternal existential angst. Though Lestat got more development in later books, it was the morose Louis that held my heart.


I continued to enjoy his work in Seven and 12 Monkeys. Then I went back and watched Too Young to Die and Kalifornia. He definitely had a dark edge to him. Curious, I read up on him a bit and found no troubled past. He was good looking, smart, shy and sweet from the sounds of it. Yet, he was drawn to the darkness anyway. I guessed that he suffered from depression as I had even though he’d not spoken of it.

Over the years he’s made some movies I liked and a number I didn’t like so much. Our relationship has been hit and miss you could say. Seven Years In Tibet and Meet Joe Black were both painfully long, but philosophically interesting. Oceans 11 was great fun as was Mr and Mrs Smith. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was good.


The past few years I’ve been bored by his acting choices, but he’s been producing some interesting stuff. The Time Traveler’s Wife, Kick-Ass and Eat Prey Love were all good movies. If only he’d acted in them as well as produced them!

In his personal life he dated Juliet Lewis and Gwenth Paltrow before marrying Jenifer Aniston. I was surprised when he divorced Jenifer Aniston and began seeing Angelina Jolie. Now, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a huge family and are about to be married. Despite disagreeing with how he came to be with Angelina, I do understand his draw to her.

7th Annual Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals

Angelina Jolie seems to have suffered the same sort of depression and have the desire to to better the world as Brad Pitt does. Angelina is smart, sexy and more spiritual than religious just like Brad. Certainly the two seem to have a lot in common. From what I read, it seems as if he wanted a family with Aniston, but due to her miscarriage, it never came to be. Angelina had already adopted one child and quickly got pregnant with another. Some say she was pregnant even before he was divorced!


Looking at recent pictures of him, I am shocked to see that he has aged. Not that he looks bad. In fact, he looks quite handsome still. But we tend to see our favorite celebs as frozen in time and ageless. I’ve aged 20 years since I first noticed him, so of course he’s aged 20 years as well. I was only a teenager when he broke through and became famous, but he was already an adult. So now that I staring down 40, he has just turned 50. That’s not too old for me is it? Only like a 12 year age difference!

Interview2In any case, I think sitting down with Brad Pitt and chatting with him would be most interesting. I’d probably tell him about my writing and ask if he wanted to star in any movies made of my work. We’d talk about Tibet, Vampires, Zombies, Time Travel, Tristan and Isolde, Depression and oh so many more things. Yes, he is easy on the eyes, but a long conversation would be ideal. And hey, if that led to a threesome with him and Angelina, I wouldn’t complain.

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