Alias Elektra

Alias Elektra


Jennifer Garner played Sydney Bristow on Alias. After just a couple of episodes, I was hooked. Garner was the girl next door who could easily change into a variety of aliases with great believability. It wasn’t until after I noticed her in Alias, that I went back and watched the episodes of Felicity that she’d originally been in. When I read she’d also been in the short-lived Party of Five spin-off Time of Your Life, I was like, “Now I remember her!”


The character of Sydney was a great inspiration. I took cardio-kickboxing because of her. I really enjoyed it and was actually pretty good at it. I loved showing up in my black Alias T-shirt to learn self-defense and more from the black belt martial arts instructor. I took it for about a year until I got pregnant with my daughter. I haven’t been able to go back since, but I hope to return to it eventually. Because of that class I feel confident that I might have a fighting chance it I was ever attacked. Luckily, my skills have never been tested though.


I also checked out the CIA website because of Garner. Being a CIA agent sounded like something I would enjoy and be proud of, but it turns out you need mad math skills and an ability to speak other language fluently. I suck at math and languages both. I probably know more Spanish than anything, but I am far from fluent. Though I took four quarters of French in college, I remember next to nothing of it. And I know random words from other languages, but not even enough of those to hold a conversation with anyone. Sadly, I have only one skill set that would be of use to the CIA and that is one I can’t exactly advertise! I did apply despite the discouraging requirements. It was no surprise that I never heard back from them.


I went to see Daredevil because of Garner. Not to mention the fact that I liked the Evanescence songs that played in the trailer for the movie. “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal” remain two of my favorite songs and have come to remind me of two very important people in my own life. Anyway, Elektra kicked ass and I was sorry to see that she died at the end of the movie. Since she died at the end, I was surprised to learn that she’d star in her own movie Elektra. I waited until it was on DVD to see it and I wasn’t impressed. Garner was good, but the script was flimsy at best.


Garner has said that her character in 13 Going on 30 is more like her than Sydney. I saw the movie in the theater and enjoyed it. Not only did I like the 80s songs, but the story was cute as well. Garner was as good in comedy as she was drama as it turned out. After Alias ended she continued to act in comedy as well as drama. She even teamed up with her husband’s friend Kevin Smith in the film Catch and Release, which was good.


The Kingdom and Juno are probably my favorites though. Some of her other comedies don’t really showcase her true talent. I keep hoping she will do another action movie, but instead she has gone for more family oriented types of movies. Butter was surprisingly funny though. She has played such several uptight characters, including the one in Butter, which made me wonder if she wasn’t more conservative in real life than her Alias counterpart Sydney.

Sydney Pregnant

Back in 2004 I had a dream that Jennifer Garner was pregnant, but that it was unexpected and unplanned. I sat in the doctor’s office talking with her in the dream. Though she’d been dating Michael Vartan, I knew it wasn’t his baby. I didn’t know whose it was. Just a few months later I saw on the news that she was indeed pregnant. I have no idea why I had the premonition. I think maybe I just felt connected to her somehow, hence the dream.
Now she has three kids with her husband Ben Affleck. The two of them make lovely couple and seem pretty down to earth compared to some other Hollywood Couples. I can imagine hanging out with her and talking while our kids played. I can also imagine going to kickboxing together as well. She’d be a cool friend to have I think.








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