This Season—Season 4—they’ve chosen the Snow Queen as their villain. The writers introduced Elsa at the end of Season 3. She causes some chaos, but soon warms up to the inhabitants of Storybrooke. It is her Aunt Ingrid that is the true threat. I like how the writers incorporated both the Disney Tale Frozen and elements of the original Hans Christian Anderson Tale The Snow Queen into the storyline.

Of course, that is the genius of Once Upon A Time. They don’t just retell fairy tales, they blend them all together into one Neverending Fairy Tale. One character can play several roles and all the characters have paths that intersect. Italo Calvino would be proud! I like how Rumpelstiltskin is both the mischievous imp and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He is also Henry’s grandfather.


In this Season Robin Hood is the Evil Queen’s Love Interest and Captain Hook is Emma’s love interest. They are like Cronuts or Cruffins or Dangles—things you never thought would go together, but some how work perfectly together.

Anyway, in the original tale or troll or devil makes a magic mirror that enhances the flaws in all those who gaze into it. This is the mirror that Ingrid possess. In the Anderson version the mirror shatters and people around the world have their hearts frozen. Kai, a little boy and friend to Gerda, has his heart frozen as well. Gerda seeks out the Snow Queen and a cure for her friend. Gerda kisses Kai and warms his frozen heart. True love’s kiss does the trick once again and all is well. Now if only live was that simple!



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