Generation Me

Jean M Twenge, 2006

Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled and more miserable than before.

Millennials, Net Generation, iGeneration, GenMe. Gen X are born in the 1960s and 1970s. GenMe was born in the 1980s to 2000s.  (6)

Chapter 1: You Don’t Need Approval: The Decline of Social Rules

Do Your Own Thing (23)

Who Cares What You Are Thinking (26)

Question Authority.  Students now question their teachers about everything—including Grammar. They believe themselves equal to their teachers (29)

Don Tapscoa wrote Growing Up Digital. Mentions the DWM or Dead White Man’s Canon in Literature.

Parents don’t try to parent. They want to be their kid’s friend. (30)

Weddings are no longer traditional (31) Interracial marriages are not a big deal to this new generation.

Churches and other Communities are out. The Individual is In. (32)

And those individuals feel free to confess their feelings to the world on the internet. TMI means Too Much Information. (37)

Generation Direct. Honesty vs Politeness. Believes in Authentic or Core Self. (39).

Profanity is on the rise. Not just HBO with R-Rated movies any more. (40)

Chapter 2: An Army of One: ME

Whitney Houston’s song “Greatest Love of All.”  The Offspring song “Self-Esteem.”

1970s books on Self-Esteem. Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dryer.

Boomers and their Journey into themselves—Self-Fulfillment and Growth Rhetoric (46)

1967 saw 68% of Freshman in college who wanted to develop a meaningful philosophy. Now in 2004, only 42% of Freshman wanted to develop a meaningful philosophy.

Boomers were in Uncharted Territory. GenMe gets directions from Yahoo or Google Maps. (49)

Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis or How To Make Yourself Happy.

Advice for the “Self”  Just Be Yourself, Believe In Yourself, Express Yourself, Be Honest With Yourself, Love Yourself, Stand Up For Yourself. (50).

Baby Boomers: Self-Fulfillment, Journey Searching, Change the World, Protest Groups, Spirituality and the Philosophy of Life

GenMe: Fun, There, Follow Your Dreams, TV and Internet, Practicality, Things, Feeling Good About Yourself. (51)

Self Esteem now in Curriculum at School. Damaging? (53)

The Myth of Self-Esteem by John Hewitt.  He says Self Esteem is now feeling good about yourself for no particular good reason.  Self-Esteem has become more important than performance. (56).

Promoting “Individual” spellers, not correct spellers in order to promote self-esteem. (61)

“This basically means we aren’t expecting the kids to learn anything,” (65)

Kids can’t take criticism. (64)

Research shows that when people with high self-esteem are criticized, they become unfriendly, rude and uncooperative—even toward people who had nothing to do with the criticism. (65).

High Esteem doesn’t create high grades.  High Grades create High Self-Esteem. High Esteem doesn’t prevent teen pregnancies either. (65).

Self-Esteem is a result or outcome—not a cause. Negative feelings can be a motivator (66).

“Self-Esteem without basis encourages laziness rather than hard work.”

Jennifer Crocker, a psychologist says, “True self confidence come from honoring your talents and learning things—not being told you are great because you exist.” (67).

The Practice of not correcting mistakes, avoiding better grades and discouraging competition is also misguided.”  Encourage kids to keep trying even if they do poorly or fail. Self Esteem is not equal to self-control.

Narcissism focuses on the self and there is a lack of empathy for others. They feel entitled to special privileges and feel superior to others. (68)

Self Esteem should promote a solid relationship with others. Most programs are raising narcissists rather than kids with good self-esteems. (69).

Chapter 3: You Can Be Anything You Want To Be

The Ambitious Generation by Barbara Schneider and David Stevens talks about Misaligned Ambitions.  (78)

Young people think they will get advanced degrees and make a lot of money, but they often don’t. (79)

Most Modern movies fall into 4 Categories

  • Believe In Yourself because You Can Do Anything
  • Love Conquers All
  • We Are All Alike Underneath
  • Good People Always Win

You must love yourself before you can love others is the popular sentiment, but Twenge disagrees with this notion. (90)

Tattoos, Nose Piercings and God-Knows Where Piercings are done to be different and show that one is an individual and expressing themselves. (94)

Extending adolescence beyond all previous generations, GenMe says adulthood begins at 30 years old. (97)

Average Marriage is 27 for men and 25 for women.  It seems the 20s are a time for GenMe to be Selfish. (98).

Childless couples are happier. Satisfaction goes down after GenX and GenMe has kids. (99)

Outcomes of the focus on the self is the appearance of self-obsession. (99)

Chapter 4: The Age of Anxiety (And Depression and Loneliness) Generation Stressed. 

But shouldn’t we all be happier now? And expect more out of life? Expectations of a good life are crushed in teens and young adults.  This leads to disappointment and Depression. (109)

Junkfood-like interaction online instead of healthy one-on-one interaction.  Now we have cuddle parties that are nonsexual and co-ed instead. (110)

The Starter Marriage by Pamela Paul.  Couples are now divorcing after only a couple of years of marriage.  But living alone is costly. See The Cost of Living by Barry Schwartz. (112-115)

The sadness of being alone is often the flipside of freedom and putting ourselves first. (115)

Stress in getting into College and getting Jobs.  (116)

The New Economics.  Housing costs have risen steadily, while minimum wage has stayed the same. We have a debt for diploma society now. (120).

See Nickle and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenrich. People often pay 50% or more of their income for housing alone. (124).

We’re screwed not matter what we do. It is a cruel joke on this Generation. (134)

Dangers and Threats are all over. See The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner (135) And The American Paradox by David Myers.

Yeah Right: The Belief That There Is No Point In Even Trying. Generation Whatever. Generation is full of Young Cynics. (137).

Boomers believe that by taking part in political and social affairs that the people can take control. They believe with effort that we can wipe out corruption. The Average Citizen can influence the government.   Now, GenX and GenMe believe that the world is run by a few people in power and there is not much that they can do about it. Getting a good job depends on being at the right place at the right time. Who gets to be boss depends on who is lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. (139)

“Butt its not my fault!” cries GenMe. (140)

GenMe lost hope in our ability to make choices. If we see ourselves as independent individuals why are we increasingly blaming others when things go wrong? If we fail the test then we are told to still feel good about ourselves and blame the teachers for the unfair test. (147)

Being an American means never to say you’re an idiot” says James Poniewozik in his article Amber Waves of Self Esteem. (Time Magazine about The Weakest Link TV Show.)  (148)

Rock Stars, Actors and Actresses are our Gods and Goddesses (149)

We are taught how special we are, but not how unfair life can be.

Victim Mentality. “Nation of Victims” by Charles Sykes.  See also GenX Goes to College by Peter Sacks. (150)

Chapter 6: Generation Prude Meets Generation Crude

Waiting for Marriage? Are you kidding? Late 1960s the average age teens lost their virginity was 18. By the 1990s the age had dropped to 15.  (163).

Law and Order SUV episode, someone commented, “Only Ugly People Actually Date.” (168)

These days teens and young adults get fall down drunk, hook up and then are like “Oops, I did it again.”  (As in having sex with an ex.)

Snuffelupgus—everyone knows something, but you deny it.

Chapter 7: The Equality Revolution: Minorities, Women, Gays and Lesbians

Chris Colin’s book What Really Happened to the Class of 93

There is Less Racism and Sexism than before.  There are also more involved fathers. (197)

More tolerance of Gays and Lesbians than before, but prejudice is still a problem. (211)

Higher Self Esteem, but more Depression in GenMe.  More free and equal, but more cynical generation.  They have bigger dreams, but have a difficult time making them come true. (212)

Where Do We Go From Here? We need to ditch The Self Esteem Movement and the Unrealistic Aphorism.

It is not who you are, but what you do that defines you ~Batman Begins














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  1. Janalee Smith says:

    Very interesting! I always thought of a good self esteem as caring about and respecting yourself, nothing more!

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