Gobekli Tepe

Gobekli Tepe: The Genesis of the Gods

The Temple of the Watchers and The Discovery of Eden

By Andrew Collins, 2014

From The Ashes of Angels: Abode of the Gods:  Gobekli Tepe is a Megalithic Complex near Sanliurfa, Turkey.  It is part of the Golden Triangle of Civilization. Gobekli Tepe is older than the Great Pyramid in Egypt.  The Great Pyramid is attributed to the time of the Gods.  Gobekli and the Great Pyramid, among others, were often built in response to great cataclysmic events like the Great Flood.

The Book of Enoch talks about The Watchers or Irin in Hebrew. They are mentioned in the book of Jubilees as well. Could these structures have been built by The Watchers or for The Watchers?

A Tempe or Tell is an Artificial Mound that may serve as a burial mound or cemetery. There were mirrors found in Gobekli as well as Catal Hoyuk and Asikli Hoyuk. There looks to be blood stains there as well. Could it have been from human sacrifice? There are two pillars at Gobekli and large scale sculptures. These features make it the oldest temple in the world.

Dr. Klaus Schmidt is the archeologist who uncovered Gobekli in 1995.  He noted that there were burials in the sub-levels of the temple around the time The Big Chill ended in 96000 BC.  Drinking water probably would have been far away for them. They might have made beer from wild wheat.

The temple and what was found inside are all evidence that these people had agriculture. They always thought that agriculture came first and then religion, but perhaps religion came first and then agriculture.  Gobekli Tempe seems to suggest that we had it backwards before.

There are abstract hieroglyphs inside the temple. There is an eye and a crescent. There are womb shape or elliptical buildings and twin portals in the sky.  As Above, So Below is a Hermetic Axiom. Could the portals be a reference to this axiom?  Seelrnlocher are Soul Holes in the temple wall or ceiling so that the stars could be seen.  The statues have long, narrow heads and are wearing cowls or hoods.

There was a sudden change in civilization around 10.900-96000 BC. People often wonder if Angels or Aliens brought gifts or knowledge to the early people of Earth.  Suddenly, they learned how to domestic animals, build temples and create agriculture.

Collins talks about The Twilight of the Gods. He mentions Atlantis: The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelley.  Ragnarok is the end of the world with the sun and moon being swallowed.  Seems there is a pervasive fear of the world ending. It is called Castatrophobia.

Who were these people? Collins talks about Swiderian People who migrated through Belarus, Lithuana, Lativa, Estonia, Moldova and Ukraine. They were those who settled in the Carpathian Mountains near Poland, Hungry and Romania.  Post Swinderian people lived in North West Russia. The Finno-Ugric people are from the area of Finland.

In 1956, it was suggested that there might be a hybrid between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens. They might have been tall, with long heads and thin faces like the statues of Gobekli.

The people of Gobekli used Obsidian There was an obsession with obsidian in the Carpathian Mountains as well as on a Greek Island and in South America. There is a place called Wolf Stone Mountain in Armenia where Obsidian can be found as well. Were these people descendants of the people of Gobekli Tepe?

The End of Gobekli Tepe: It was buried and covered to prevent destruction.  There was a prediction of another cataclysm—perhaps a comet or something.

Could Gobekli Tepe be the Garden of Eden?  There was a river going out of Eden—The Hiddekel. It flows East of Asshur, which is now named the Tigris River. The Bible talks about Gilhon and the Land of Cush. The Father of Nimrod in the Bible is Cush. Crush is associated with Ethiopia and The Nile. The Bible mentions Mt Abus or Bin Gol.  The final river of paradise was known as Pison or Pishon in the land of Havilah.

West of Georgia is the Site Colchis, which is the land of the legendary Golden Fleece from Greek Mythology.  Could those marshy plains be Eden?  There is a monastery Northwest part of the town of Mush.  There is said to be a relic there—from the Tree of Life.

Other places Eden could be: Southern Iraq, The Persian Guilt and Jerusalem.

Is Eden merely a Utopia as Gilbert Shelden suggests?  Marmaduke Carver wrote A Discourse of the Terrestrial Paradise in 1666. Phillipe published a map in 1738 showing that Eden was west of Lake Van—on the Mush Plain.  Legends talk about the Fountain of Life or Maul Hayat near Bingol Mountain. The name Al-Khidir means The Green One. Azlan is Turkish for Lion.

The Cult of Enki is based on a Mesopotamian Legend. Dilmun is The Garden of the Gods. Is that the Land of the Cedars? Is located on Mountain Dilmun or is the Island of Babylon?  The Rise of Anunnaki is from there. The Name Eve means snake in Hebrew. It also means giver of life.  The Peri and Cin are the Faye or Fairies of Persia.  Dera Sor is the name of The Red Church. They worship the Red Earth of Adam. Is Yegrdut Monastery located in Eden?

Gobekli Tepe could very well be in The Garden of Eden.


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