Getting Ahead Of ADHD

Getting Ahead of ADHD:

What The Next Generation of Science Says About Treatments That Work and How You Can Make Them Work For Your Child

 By Joel T Nigg, PhD 2017

ADD and ADHD are caused by both Genetics and Environment. Essentially they are a product of Epigenetics. Genetics, obviously comes from our parents. The Environmental causes are many. Stress, nutrition, exercises, sleep and exposure to chemicals are all part of the picture. ADHD and ADD have to do with self-regulation and exist on a spectrum.

ADHD is connected with obese parents, low birth weight of baby, extreme parent stress, chemical exposure during pregnancy and early childhood, dietary insufficiency, mother consuming alcohol while pregnant and other such things. Food Additives definitely seem to make it worse—particularly Aspartame, BHA, BHT and MSG.

Things that help are: Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fish Oils. Exercise is important for both children and adults with ADHD. Getting more sleep can also help. Violent TV increases aggression, so watch television content.

Some think that ADHD is a lack of dopamine in the brain. That is why stimulants often work. Caffeine, in moderate amounts, may help, but too much will make the ADHD person hyper and hard to deal with! There is also a DNA component. GxE=DNA Susceptibility. Gene editing has been done on CRISPR-COS9.

Self-Regulation, or lack thereof, results in children and adults being impulsive. A person with ADHD may tell themselves that they are NOT going to do something, but then do it anyway. If you have ADHD it is like you can’t help yourself.  It is not a matter of will power.

Anxiety and Anger are connected to ADHD. Kids and Adults who have it are not able to regulate their emotions like other people and therefore, have outbursts of anger and anxiety or panic attacks.

People with ADHD fail to pick up on clues in their surroundings and need more time to process things than others. Most people are relaxed, but alert. A person who has ADHD is NOT relaxed. They are over-stimulated and over-alert—maybe even jumpy. Accumulating and filtering information is a huge problem. People with ADHD can make decisions, but just not as quickly as someone without it. It is more difficult for those with ADHD to filter out distractions and useless information.

Children who have it sometimes grow out of it. Other times, it follows them into adulthood. Is ADHD a disability then? It depends on the severity of it. Children who exhibit symptoms should get tested. Counseling and Medication are currently then only approved treatments right now.


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