Zack To The Future Podcast Episode 5

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Episodes 5

The fifth episode to air was called “Screech’s Woman.” The first few podcasts were from his trailer on the set of the Saved by the Bell Reboot. This one is from Gosselaar’s home gym, which he had built for himself when he was cast in the TV Show Pitch. It helped him get in shape for the role.

Gosselaar made a note that he was playing a video game at The Max at the beginning of the episode. The video games didn’t work. In fact, nothing at The Max worked. The phone, the jukebox and the video games were all unplugged.

There was some commentary on Dustin Diamond’s physical comedy and how he wouldn’t be allowed to endanger himself as much if it were filmed today. Gosselaar talked about how the lockers on the set generally didn’t have locks on them. But one time he stuff Diamond into a locker that actually locked. Diamond was pissed when he finally was let out.

It seems that Gosselaar, Lopez and Diamond were typical boys on set. They would shove each other pretty hard when the scene called for it and tried to inflict pain on each other. They had contests. One such contest involved seeing who could spray the breath freshener under their tongue the most. The freshener stung, so it was a challenge.

Elizabeth Berkeley got the giggles during this episode. She nearly broke character a couple of times. I guess she got a kick out of Mark-Paul having to cross dress for the episode.

On a more personal note, the razor Jesse handed him reminded him of something that happened off set. Gosselaar remembered going to a Summer Boot Camp in Harlingen, Texas. For a while he wanted to go into the Marine Corp when he graduated High School. Anyway, he went for two weeks with a note from his Mom about not being forced to shave. At that point, he hadn’t started shaving his face. He was a late bloomer and it was embarrassing to have to have to explain he was an actor and needed to put off shaving for as long as possible. He did pretty well in camp and only had to do a few extra push-up. In a later episodes when they have a ROTC experience, his fellow cast members were irritated with him for telling them they weren’t marching right and squaring their corners.

At the end of the podcast, Gosselaar draw a connection between dressing up as Bambi and the 1982 movie Tootsie, staring Dustin Hoffman.

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