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Episodes 6

Episode six was entitled “Aloha Slater.” It was actually the 7th one they shot and was the final episode ordered by NBC. Peter Engle wrote in his book how he went to Tartikoff and begged for more episodes. He won out and got 13 more for the season. In any case, Mark Swerdlick directed the episode. Swerdlick had previously directed the 1987 movie Can’t Buy Me Love.

Mario Lopez joined in the call. He recalled it being odd that he wore his wrestling uniform for the whole episode. He also brought up how Slater was supposed to be an Italian kid or street punk modeled after Vinnie Barbarino from the TV Show Welcome Back Kotter. Instead, they got an athletic Latino.

Similarly, Lisa Turtle was originally imagined as a spoiled Jewish Princess instead of a black or African American fashion plate.

Driscoll brought up the love triangle between Zack, Kelly and Slater. Mark-Paul Gosselaar commented that he didn’t see how Zack ended up with Kelly when Slater was the whole package. Not only was Slater good looking, but he was athletic and talented.

It was noted that Dustin Diamond’s father, Mark Diamond, played the Study Hall teacher in this episode. Screech also makes a reference to the Smurfs and ALF. Interestingly, Saved By The Bell aired after the Smurfs and before ALF in the Saturday morning lineup.

Mark-Paul noticed the hallway lockers changed from Red to Orange. Perhaps it was a note from the producers to brighten things up or change things around. No one knows. Driscoll noticed that trophy case appears in one episode and is never seen again. And there doesn’t seem to be a teacher’s lounge or administration office next to the Principal. All we ever get Belding’s Office. Mark-Paul added how Dennis Hoskins had to have his pencils all lined up in the office. It was his quirk or OCD and Mark-Paul liked to mess up the pencils just be jerk.

The Graffiti on the bathroom walls had been removed. In an earlier episode it has said Mark + Sue. He wanted to know who it referred to. Was it a producers and production assistant or Mark Diamond and the production assistant.

Anyway, Kelly volunteered to go to Hawaii with Slater. Turns out, she had an Uncle in Hawaii. And later, there is a whole movie where the gang vacations in Hawaii at the Uncle’s hotel.

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