Zack To The Future Episodes 7&8

Zack To The Future

Episodes 7&8

Episode 7 was entitled “The Substitute.” This was the 7thEpisode to air, not necessarily the 7th one shot. The special guest this week were the twins that appeared in numerous episodes, including this one. The casting call went out for identical twins to play the Zeffirelli Twins. Jennifer and Allison were the the only twins who showed up, so they got the job. They worked off and on for about two seasons. They were 21 years old at the time, so they were older than most of the cast. The twins thought the stars of the show were very professional for as young as they were.

Dashiell Driscoll noticed that a guy with a skateboard appeared in this episode and another episode. Interestingly, in this episode, the skateboard is used to help their English Teacher Mrs. Simpson get home after she throws out her back.

Hank Straton, who played the Substitute Tony, was also on an episodes of NYPD Blue with Mark-Paul. Dashiell Driscoll wasn’t sure if they shared any screen time though. Mark-Paul Gosselaar thought it was weird that the substitute didn’t put a stop to the crushes by reminding the girls he was an adult and they were all way too young for him. In fact, Gosselaar said the dude reminded him of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (as played by Christian Bale). The actress the guys hired had also acted in the movie Heathers.

Mark-Paul discussed how after the initial seven episodes, he and the other cast members were sent home. He returned to Hart High in Valencia, California. He had the regular High School experience for a bit, but then they put him in a special trailer next to the school because he was in and out of school so much due to work.

Gosselaar also noticed his hairstyle changed. This episode was shot after they came back from a break. His hair is fluffy. The girls had fluffier hair as well. He doesn’t remember much about the episode, but he didn’t like his shitty Shakespearean or English Accent.

Episode 8 is titled Cream For A Day. It is about how Screech accidentally discovers a zit cream that ultimately turns people’s face maroon. Dashiell Driscoll notes the adult joke of Acne-Glasnost. He had to look Glasnost up to see what it meant. It had to do with government transparency in Russia, but he guessed the writers were alluding to the fact Russia wasn’t transparent. Mark-Paul guessed he said the joke without really getting it at the time.

For this podcast Nikki Glaser was the guest star. She is a comedian who has her own Netflix special. She also has been a guest on the Howard Stern show and had small parts in the movies Trainwreck and I Feel Pretty.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar didn’t really remember the episode, but he does remember being very self conscious and struggling with acne. He suffered from the horrible cystic acne into adulthood. His self-conscious is why he refused to watch episodes of Saved By The Bell until this podcast. He watches them and feels his performance is cringe-worthy. He pointed out his big bangs. He mentioned a joke Slater makes about killing a mouse to get his hairstyle. Mark-Paul revealed he used to style his hair over a visor. He didn’t care about his clothes or anything, but for some reason his was picky about his hair. He always prefers to style his own hair for a show.

Nikki Glaser talked about how she watched Saved By The Bell as a teenager and how she watched it before coming onto the podcast. She was staying with her Mom and Dad in St. Louis, Missouri. Her father didn’t remember the show, but her mother did. Her mother said the kids were all “good little actors.” Nikki also mentioned how Saved By The Bell defined nerd culture for her. She said she had a retainer growing up up, but didn’t have her name on it like the TV nerds.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar commented that although he never had braces, he did have a purple retainer. He said he isn’t a fan of the color purple, so he must not have been the one to pick out the retainer. Mark-Paul also commented on how Dustin’s Diamond’s Dad, Mark Diamond, was the Chemistry teacher. (No mention of how weird it was for Freshman to take such an advanced class as Chemistry). He also mentioned how he used to play video games with Dustin and his Dad Mark. It was on a Neo Geo Console.

Nikki complained about how, as a teenager, she was told zits happened because you ate greasy food , ate too much chocolate or touched your face. She was never taught it was due to hormones and other issues. She also made a comment on how cute it was that Screech named his zit Murray. She said she had a spider in her bathroom and she named it and became friends with it. It took the fear or the the power away by naming it. Mark-Paul joked he’d heard that they had good weed in Missouri—as if you had to be high to name your spider.

Apparently, Crater-face Coulburn was played by Scott Foltz. He was a one and done character. Charlie Coulburn’s laugh was based off of Robert Carradine from Revenge of the Nerds. They also mentioned the Jason Bateman name drop and how it was surprisingly still relevant. Nikki liked the disappointment Screech had over finding out ALF was a puppet.

Mar-Paul Gosselaar commented on how he and Mario Lopez were fans of the Fat Boys and they were trying to imitate them when they did the whole beat box thing at the Max.

Nikki confessed she didn’t have a boyfriend in High School and wondered if Mark-Paul Gosselaar had. Mark-Paul said he didn’t really date in High School either. He had like one girlfriend for a short time and they didn’t even really kiss. He wasn’t really serious with anyone until he met his first wife Lisa Russell.

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