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Episodes 9 &10

Episode 9 is entitled “Pinned to The Mat.” Dashiell Driscoll opens the podcast with a couple of corrections. Mark-Paul Gosselaar joked that he didn’t make mistakes. Anyway,, it was Ms. Simpson, not Mrs. Simpson and there is a Burbank, Illinois as well as a one Burbank, California.

The episode is all about Career week. Zack has a bet that Slater will beat Needick in a Wrestling match, but Slater quits Wrestling to do some cooking. Dashiell and Mark-Paul discuss rather Career week is a thing in schools. They don’t think it is, at least not like the one Bayside has anyway.

There was a long discussion about the dirt bike that was shown in the fantasy sequence. Mark-Paul explained he riding since he was 3 years old and racing since he was 5. His older brother works on dirt bikes. His brother was the mechanic for Ricky Carmichael and Ricky Carmichael had two perfect seasons, which is unheard of. So the 125 CC engine should have been an 80 CC. They talked about the cheesy outfit he war and how it was generic. In real life, he would have been showing off people who sponsored him or people he supported, like Oakley Sunglasses. He rides Honda, so the bike should have been a Honda.

Slamming Slater is the best they could come up with with a wrestling nickname? And why would Belding immediately go to a 50 year old basketball player? Basketball players generally retire before 40 years old. Dashiell and Mark-Paul guessed it was only in there for the joke. Lark’s joke that she laughed at was cute. She said, “I’ll design your briefs” and giggles.

Zack and Screech were supposed to be pretending to ride a dirt bike in locker room, but it was a Harley he was pretending to ride. Doubling down and cruising for chicks is something you’d do on a motorcycle, not a dirt bike. Mark-Paul Gosselaar got a Harley for his 16th Birthday. His Dad co-signed for it. It was a 1990 FR2 100. He crashed it twice. The first time was on Sunset Strip. The second time was on Piquito Moss with Lark Vorhees. He wasn’t moving yet when Lark jumped on and he tipped it over. Embarrassing. Thankfully, that was all before Camera Phones and Social Media!

Mark-Paul wasn’t supposed to be riding motorcycles while working, but he did. He got caught when he pulled up to Steven Bochco at a stoplight. Bochco called him into the office and scolded him.

The rest of the discussion was about the layout of the sound-stage. From left to right we had The Max, The Locker Room and Bathroom, Belding’s Office, The Classroom. Mark-Paul couldn’t remember if the Gym was the same room as the classroom or a different set next to it.

Dashiell Driscoll mentioned that Bunny Summers, who played the jazzy Home Economics Teacher, also was in Big Top Pee Wee. Dustin Diamond was also in Big Top Pee Wee.

Episode 10 is called “Beauty and the Screech.” The first thing Mark-Paul and Dashiell Driscoll did was introduced their guest Matt Pace. Matt Pace has written a book entitled Zack Morris lied 329 Times. In this particular episode, Zack Morris only lied once.

The plot revolves around a couple of free George Michael Tickets that Kelly won. She wasn’t allowed to go to the concert unless she brought up her Science Grade though. Zack gets Screech to to tutor her, thus forging an unlikely friendship—at least temporarily. Dashiell notes that Zack was probably rich and could have afforded to purchase tickets of his own, but he seems reliant on using Kelly’s free tickets to go to the concert. The tickets are merely a plot devise it seems.

Mark-Paul doesn’t really remember filming this episode either, but he enjoyed the chemistry between Kelly and Screech. It was an unusually sweet episode. Mark-Paul watched the show with his 16 year old son. His son commented on the sweet gesture Screech made in pushing Kelly’s hair back for her. Mark-Paul noticed his hair wasn’t as poofy in this one, leading him to believe it was filmed before episode 9. He mentions the twins in the background again and that they had a couple of lines.

Dashiell Driscoll mentioned that the science teacher Dr. Mertz was played by Avery Schrieber, who was famous for doing the Doritos commercials in the 70s and 80s. He also brings up that Screech’s ALF joke was like the 3rd one in 10 episodes, which seems excessive. The Challenge joke also seemed a bit premature. There is a George and Barbara Bush joke as well, which goes over okay.

Mark-Paul noticed the Astronaut suite that Screech wore and commented on how Dustin Diamond probably had the most costumes out of all of them. Mark-Paul hates going in for fittings. He said he would act for free, but that he would charge people do fittings for outfits. He guesses it is because things rarely fit right on him. For this episode, he noticed his shoes were too dirty. It is ironic, since he complained about them being too clean in the first episode.

Dashiell comments on the continuity of the in-jokes they made in the episode. Someone commented on how Kelly could wear a pizza on her head and everyone would copy her. In the fantasy sequence, she is wearing a pizza on her head and pulls it off.

In the end Kelly and Screech realize they have very little in common and should go back to not being friends. Screech comments, “Every Ice Cream Cone Has It’s Last Lick.” That is a reference to Poison’s hit song, “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn.” It was a clever play on words. Kelly decides to give her George Michael Tickets to Slater and Zack. Zack comments that he is on the rebound. This seems predatory to Dashiell. Dashiell also commented on how Casey Kasem refused to speak the name of a particular George Michael song called, “I Want Your Sex.” He thought it was too vulgar. Although, the song was tame by today’s standards.


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