Zack To The Future Podcast 14

Episodes 14

Episode 14 is called The Zack Tapes. It is all about Zack Morris having some brainwashing fun. The sister episode to this one would probably be Fatal Distraction. Once again, Kelly can’t make up her mind who to take to the dance. This dance is another sort of Sadie Hawkins type dance where they use hearts to indicate who they are taking to the dance.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar comments on his visor hairdo. Dashiell Driscoll talks about the presence of the Beau Revere tapes. Beau Revere is made up for the show and the song in the episode was recorded by the same person who wrote the theme song—Scott Gale. The song is also included in on the Saved By The Bell Soundtrack that was released. The title of the song is “Don’t Leave Me With Your Love.”

There is a discussion about the gag of the balloons in Lisa’s locker with Screech’s face on it. Mark-Paul Gosselaar admits that he doesn’t have many souvenirs from his time on Saved By The Bell. He took more from NYPD Blue. And now he hoards stuff from Mixed-ish.

Dashiell mentioned the use of the Beach Boys songs. He was surprised that Saved By The Bell could afford to pay for the rights to use the songs. Anyway, Carol Lawrence played Ms. Wentworth, the Biology teacher. She talks about subliminal advertising, which is really a thing. James Victory noticed that if you flash a picture of popcorn and coca-cola on the screen for even 2 seconds, that sales went up.

There was a discussion about boom boxes and mixed tapes. Mark-Paul looked it up and found that the boom box was first made in The Netherlands by a company called Phillips. “Go Dutch!” he laughed. Anyway, a typical boom box you would use to make a mixed tape, wouldn’t have the ability to turn the voice track up or down like a sound board. Dashell asks Mark-Paul if he had a tape he listened to like the character’s listened to Beau Revere. He said it had to be his Beastie Boys tape that he wore out.

Belding mentions Zack’s Mom being his favorite California Girl. Have we met Zack’s Mom? Not yet, but we will in later seasons. We see Zack’s Dad first though. Zack mentioned the fact that they all treated Screech like crap, but that it didn’t seem too unrealistic. Slater and Kelly seem to have a normal, healthy relationship. Zack is more or less stalking Kelly relentlessly. Their relationship seems a bit more toxic. Maybe Zack had a borderline personality disorder.

Anyway, the Nerds on Saved By The Bell are based on the movie series Revenge of The Nerds. Alan is Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s favorite nerd. There are two nerds, one named Edgar and one named Allen. It is probably not a coincidence. One of the nerds had a subliminal message of being the master to a slave, which is kind of kinky!

So Screech dresses up as a woman and calls himself Barbara Bush. He plants the tapes. The girls have a shared thought bubble afterward, which is kind of cool. Zack Morris calls himself “A blond Tom Cruise.” Mark-Paul had seen Top Gun and loved the movie. Hadn’t seen Cocktail.

At the end they teach Zack a lesson by being zombie-like stalkers. He is freaked out. Kelly says something about Zack being two 5’s instead of a 10. Mark-Paul thought that it didn’t make much sense for her to say that. That kind of dis should have gone to Jessie.

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