Journalism Class Publishes Tradewinds

Journalism Class Publishes TRADEWINDS

Volume 24, Issue 1: October 1992

By Cari Gilkison

        Often times in the frenzied process of writing a newspaper and getting down all the breaking stories, the staff of the paper is forgotten; but without the staff the paper would not exist!

This year there are fifteen students in Mrs. Pamela James’ Journalism Class, which produces the TRADEWINDS.  Each had has his or her own reason for being part of the newspaper process.

Jenny Goddard of Galion, Michelle Smith of Buckeye Central and Dawn Wright are all in the Graphic Arts Program, which prints the TRADEWINDS.  Dawn feels that the experience of producing a newspaper will give her good background experience.

Some of the staff wants to put the experience of the course to use in another way.  Keisha Flannery of Ontario believes that it will help her in her college education, while Vickie Dickerson of Lexington says, “I want to put my writing skills to use in a way that will educate or teach.”  I, myself, took this course because I want to be a published author and this class will give me more experience in writing.

Many of the staff has been writing a long time, so this is not new to them.  Kimberly Owens of Lexington says, “I was in Journalism my eighth grade year and I really enjoyed it, but in my ninth and tenth grade years my schedule was too full for, so that is why I am in it this year.” Teca Lowe of Northmor has also been writing for some time.  She says, “I have written things all my life.  I started writing in the third grade and every since then I have kept writing and have received offers to have it published.  I thought journalism would help me in my writing.”

One of the staff members was on the TRADWINDS staff last year.  Stacy Petty of Buckeye Central says, “I’m back because I’m the Senior editor and I’m involved with the paper because I love to write.”

The love of writing is present among everyone involved.  Cori Hendrick of Galion took the course as a suggestion from guidance counselor Mr. Joe Farrell.  While, Carl Lykins (the only male in the class!) took the course because he thought it would be an easy credit and because he also believed he’d enjoy it.  Shawna Thompson, also of Shelby, says, “I joined because I thought it would be fun to write and run a paper.”

So when you read the other stories in this paper, don’t forget those people who worked hard to write and produce the paper.  Their different backgrounds help make the paper full of colorful and informative piece of writing.
ATTENTION STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF: The TRADEWINDS staff and I worked diligently trying to produce the most accurate and most interesting school newspaper possible.  The students and I are all new at this, and I am sure we have made a few errors.  We welcome any corrections or suggestions which you feel are necessary.  Please address me in person or in writing concerning this matter!  ~Mrs. James.

           The following is a list of the entire TRADEWINDS staff along with their home schools and vocational areas:  

Donnetta Barker: Northmor, Executive Secretary

Vickie Dickerson: Lexington, Accounting/Computing

Keisha Flannery: Ontario: Clerical Services

Cari Gilkison: Shelby, Receptionist/Clerk

Jenny Goddard: Crestline, Graphic Arts

Cori Hendrick: Galion, Clerical Service

Teca Lowe: Northmor, Accounting/Computing

Carl Lykins: Plymouth, Meat Processing

Kimberly Owens: Lexington, Accounting/Computing

Stacy Petty (Senior Editor): Lexington, Accounting/Computing

Michelle Saunders: Crestline, Clerical Secretary

Shawna Thompson: Lucas, Receptionist/Clerk

Crystal Trosper: Galion, Clerical Services

Dawn Wright: Shelby, Graphic Arts




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