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February 5, 2010

“It only ends once,” says Jacob to Esau (MIB) in the Season 5 finale of Lost, “Everything else is just progress.”  This reminder echoes Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s idea that we are constantly evolving, changing and growing.  Esau is a bit more negative in his assumption that humans are largely destructive and ignorant.  Jacob appears to summon people to the island to help them, while Esau appears to judge them harshly.

Charlotte Staples Lewis utters the phrase, “This place is death.” But perhaps she should have said, “This place is reincarnation!”   The island is a place for life, death and rebirth.  The true ending does only happen once.  The apocalypse or the end of time is the only true ending.

This leads me to two of CS Lewis’s books.  The promotional image of the Last Supper reminded me of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  The travelers come across a feast at Aslan’s table.  It is set as a reward for those who have come so far in their pilgrimage.  It is also a source of strength for those who must continue onward.  The theme of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is about longing and learning, just like Lost.  Perhaps our Lost-aways will find their own rewards at the end of their journeys.

The denotation of the hydrogen bomb, the image of the island sunk beneath the sea reminded me of The Last Battle.   The final book in The Chronicles of Narnia is parallel to the book of Revelations in the Bible. Instead of simply dying, the children and their friends are led into Aslan’s world or Christ’s world if you will.  Narnia, then, exists on another level.  They go deeper and further in, suggesting perhaps more of an evolution or progression as in Buddhism.  Heaven is somehow not the end, but simply a part of the journey.  As Bilbo Baggins wrote about his journey, that he went “There and Back Again” so the characters on Lost could write or anyone who died and was reborn for that matter.

Lost premiered its 6th and final season on Tuesday the 2nd—Groundhog Day.  There was great hype surrounding it and I think the event was worth it.  Of course, I missed the epic recap show that covered seasons 1-5 in 42 minutes and I missed the first part of LAX.  Why? I was teaching Grammar to my 3 dedicated students at CFU.  It was a good class, but I still hated missing my show.

When I came home, I caught part 2 of LAX.  I then caught watched the recap, part 1 and part 2 on the ABC website on Wednesday.  I was impressed, but not surprised by usage of the flash sideways. Lost utilized flashbacks in seasons 1-3.  Season 4 gave us flashforwards.  Season 5 gave us two sets of people traveling through time.  Just when you think it can’t get any more convoluted or confusing, they throw parallel time lines at us!

In one reality the hydrogen bomb went off and reset everything.  We get to see what would have happened if they had never crashed.  Already we know that Charlie was destined to die.  Christian never made it to LA.  Kate escapes again and Sawyer can’t help but help her.  Jack and Locke meet.  Will Jack fix Lock so he can walk again?  Shannon never got on the plane with Boone.  Hurley is somehow lucky instead of unlucky.

But in another reality, the bomb didn’t work.  All of the remaining characters are simply transported from 1977 to 2007.  They remain on the island, facing great danger.  Flock or the Lockeness Monster had killed Jacob.  A dead Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him to take Sayid to the temple, where Sayid is brought back to life. Meanwhile, Sawyer buries Juliet.  Juliet thought it didn’t work at first, but as she dies, she realizes somehow that it did.  Miles conveys the message.  Esau in the body of Locke, confronts Richard, knocks him out and drags him away into the jungle.

Esau, who is known as the MIB or Jacob’s nemesis, wants to go home.  But where is home?  Was Jacob’s cabin actually where the spirit of Esau imprisoned or did Esau imprison Jacob?  How did the man in black on the beach become the smoke monster? What gave him the magic power to transform and why is he bound to the island?  Jacob travels to and from the island. He has appeared to a number of people off the island at least.  How does he leave and why does he come back?  What prevented Esau from killing him? Why didn’t Jacob kill Esau? Or, by some magic, are they unable to kill one another?

In any case, we know that Hanso was descended from those aboard the Black Rock ship.  Jacob called the ship to the island to test them or help them.  One man apparently escaped the island and lived to tell about it.  I do believe that same man conspired to find the island again and thus allowing the Dharma Initiative to find it and live on it in the early 1970s.  The Hostiles were most likely from the Black Rock ship.  Richard Alpert appears to have been a slave aboard it originally.  Some how he managed to gain an unusually long life and become an advisor or aid to Jacob’s chosen leaders.  It will be interesting to see that story unfold.  I am guessing Esau is not all that happy with Richard for siding with Jacob.  Anyway, this would make Richard probably well over 100 years old—although he still looks like he is in his late 30s.

My question then, is how did Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore come to the island? They were there in the 1950s.  Were they apart of the crew or the crew’s descendents?  Were they part of military that left the bomb on the island?  If Oceanic 815 never crashed how does that affect them and their children?

I do hope that these questions and more will be answered in the coming weeks.  Only 17 more episodes to explain everything and reveal how or why the island sank!

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